Bộ đồ chơi phát triển các kỹ năng thế kỷ 21

Montessori and LOGO inspired

Kids naturally play and learn by using their hands, building stuffs and doing things together. One of the benefits of tangible programming is that it makes code physical, so kids can play with it.


It's 21st century. It's not early to start!

Computational Thinking

The term “computational thinking” grew out of work in the 1980s by Seymour Papert, a pioneer in teaching children to create with code using LOGO. More recently, theorists and educators have begun to explore the connections between computational thinking and the cognitive skills developed in early childhood.

Literacy Of The 21st Century

Children don't need to become computer programmer, but creator, inventor, problem solver.

Technology As A Playground

Young children are curious, creative and earger to learn new things around them. Today, technology is in their world.

Screen-Free With Touchable Programming Language

Educational theorists have long recognized that young children think and learn best when moving, playing, building, and engaging with concrete objects.

Nurture Creative Expressions

With Coding and Robotics, Children hava a tool to express their ideas and creativity. Starting with imagination and finish with something real.

Learn Thinking About Doing

"You learn by doing but you learn better by thinking about what you are doing. I think this is what is most important." said Seymour Papert

Magic Wand

Unleash Imagination

Natural Friendly

Made from wooden, the Magic Wand unleash children's imagination just like in a fairy tales!

The power of imagination

Scan the block and waving the magic wand will control a device accordingly

WoodyBot & Tangible Blocks

Touchable Programming Language

Montessori inspired

Learning by doing. Coding by touching. The first "touchable" programming language give children the chance to make their ideas come true.

Program runs in a sequence

Blocks are assembly in sequence , children learn problem solving while playing with arts and storytelling.

The program start by a Begin block (Green) then follow by commands, finish with an End block (Red)


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