About Kodimo

Kodimo Technologies Company Limited (Kodimo) is an educational technology company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with a mission to provide products and services to learn 21st century skills for children ages from 3 years old.
Kodimo was founded in Jan. 2016 by Tong Vu Than Dan (Dan Tong)
Kodimo opened its 1st STEM Center in Aug. 2016 and closed that center after 3 months in operation due to revenue stream and market did not meet expectations as planned.
After unsuccessful with STEM Center, Kodimo continued in educational industry with a monthly STEM box, named DimoBox. However, after running this model for few months, Kodimo team found that it was not a good business model because of storage managements, it was not an innovative model.
End of 2017, Kodimo started to focus on building products and services as an ecosystem that can provide a learning steps for young children, help them develop 21st century skills. Kodimo focused on developing a project named Monte, a playful STEAM and Coding playset for young children, starting from 3 years old.
Kodimo is using STEAM, stand for Science – Technology – Engineering – Arts – Maths, as an integrated approach to engage children in learning through purposeful playing with STEAM activities and coding robotics.
Kodimo is striving to build Monte becomes an IoT and AI powered platform in education.
o Unique solution: Designed for children 3+, MONTE is the only puzzle-like, tangible coding solution in the world, literally making coding as simple as snapping together the pieces of a puzzle.
o STEAM learning: MONTE offers a cross-curricular approach to teaching science, technology, engineering, art, and math subjects, all while making it fun. This hands-on, screen-free solution is also perfect for developing critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
o Easy to use: Setup takes just minutes, no previous experience is required, and there are no screens or software to worry about with this tabletop solution.
o Hands on, screen-free: MONTE offers hands-on, screen-free coding; no additional technology is required. Simply piece together the wooden blocks, place your Woody Bot on start position, and use the Magic wand to scan the blocks, waving the magic and then the Woody Bot go!
o All-encompassing: MONTE comes with 10 blocks (basic package), activity maps, and other accessories. At MONTE Education online, you’ll find beautifully illustrated activities and task cards, as well as video tutorials and quick start guides to help you get MONTE up and running.


Build an eco-system to support children from early childhood with products and services that foster their imagination, creativity and 21st century skills, enable children well-prepared for life-long learning and future workforce readiness.


Contact to us through:

Kodimo Co., Ltd

SHTP-IC – Saigon Hi-Tech Park Incubation Center
Lot E2a-10, street D2b, Saigon Hi-Tech Park, Plong Thanh My Ward, District 9,

Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM

+84 28-6685-9685