Why Steam an Coding for young children?

It's 21st century. It's not early to start!

Computational Thinking

The term “computational thinking” grew out of work in the 1980s by Seymour Papert, a pioneer in teaching children to create with code using LOGO.

Literacy Of The 21st Century

Children don't need to become computer programmer, but creator, inventor, problem solver.

Technology As A Playground

Young children are curious, creative and earger to learn new things around them. Today, technology is in their world.

Screen-Free With Touchable Programming Language

Educational theorists have long recognized that young children think and learn best when moving, playing, building, and engaging with concrete objects.

Nurture Creative Expressions

With Coding and Robotics, Children hava a tool to express their ideas and creativity. Starting with imagination and finish with something real.

Learn Thinking About Doing

"You learn by doing but you learn better by thinking about what you are doing. I think this is what is most important." said Seymour Papert


Facial expressions




Creative map combinations



World-Class STEAM Products

All of our kits are built based on STEAM theory. STEAM = STEM + Humanities. STEAM education is more than just integrating the arts with STEM disciplines, it adds humanities; we all deal with people and we all are people.

Tap-to-code interaction

Tap and read coding cards – Kodimo receives instructions and starts moving – Kodimo identifies and responds to the interactive map. The innovative tap-to-code interaction system and interesting storybook drive kids’ interest in learning.

Tap to control

Playful interactive map

Positive feedback

Inspire learning in a fun way

Themed maps, coding cards, an enlightening storybook, and tap-to-code interaction, all these make learning fun for children. They can develop their computational thinking by completing the tasks assigned on the storybook or play freely to discover different solutions. Kodimo allows children to explore the unknown themselves, in a bid to bolster their confidence in independent thinking through a gaming experience.

Multiplayer mode

Strengthen friendships among children and the emotional bond between parents and children. Enhance children’s interpersonal and social skills.

Magic Wand

Three control modes: Tap-to-Code, Joystick, Motion-sensing.

Coding Cards

Instructions with symbols facilitate children to learn coding concepts and logic.

One map, two modes*

*The map is part of the Coding Kit.

One map, two modes*

*The map is part of the Coding Kit.

Magic Wand Specifications


Thiết kế

Hình sao

Chất liệu


Kích thước LxWxH (mm)


Khối lượng (gram)




Li-ion 1500mAh Rechargeable, không tháo rời

Thời gian sử dụng (liên tục)

120 phút

Cổng sạc

micro USB Type-B


Charge Voltage: 5Vdc, Charging current: min. 500mA

Đèn báo sạc

Có: Đỏ = Đang sạc; Xanh lam = Đầy


Cảm biến

6-axis motion sensor

Giao tiếp với khối lệnh


Hiển thị


Âm thanh

Loa đơn âm

Kết nối thiết bị khác

Tương thích với

Woody Bot

Phạm vi kết nối

< 10m

Số thiết bị có thể kết nối

<= 3

Kết nối

Bluetooth LE

Thực thi lệnh

Hình thức lập trình (Coding Mode)

Lệnh đơn, chương trình (Explore, Program)

Số lệnh trong chương trình

<= 50

Hệ thống

Hệ điều hành

Embedded - Free-RTOS

Kết nối

Bluetooth LE

Cập nhật phần mềm


Tự động tắt khi không hoạt động

Sau 10 phút

In the box

Kits for creative minds

We also provide STEM & STEAM products for kids from the top companies.

STEAM activities with coding